Plug N Play Interactive Display System

The Cube V4 is a compact, turnkey, ‘plug and play’ interactive display unit that brings the power of gesture control to a variety of display spaces. The portable Cube interactive projection floor has been taking retailers, advertisers and exhibit designers by storm! It now projects a larger, higher resolution engaging 7’ x 5’ interactive display with entertaining games and head-turning special effects onto virtually any floor for branding, advertising, entertainment and product promotion. The new Cube V4 now comes with a higher 1280 x 800 resolution projector, which can run in either a 16:10, or in the original 4:3 aspect ratio. Just take it out of the box and turn it on! No technician is required to install it and it occupies minimal floor space. The Cube can engage customers, command attention, increase visitor traffic, drive sales and create a more dynamic customer experience. Many organizations, such as museums and consumer products companies, have used the lightweight and easy-to-use Cube as the centerpiece of their travelling exhibits, special events and touring promotions.