VR Marketing

The US based premium denim brand 7 For All Mankind is leveraging virtual reality technology to put customers smack in the middle of its spring 2015 marketing campaign. The minute long film, uses technology that adds depth to visuals and sounds to create a more realistic experience and is displayed using in-store VR headsets to give the wearer the sensation of being physically present in the video. “Visions of California” consists of a simple, minute-long vignette in which a model appears to be walking outside (and later inside) a French chateau, while feverish dreams of Southern California — in the form of palm trees and crashing surf — flicker into and melt out of focus. The film is full of surprises — like the sound of the model’s heels clicking on the flagstones from right to left as she crosses in front of a viewer’s field of vision and having the ability to take a 360-degree gaze around the room while she lolls lazily on an ottoman. While a handful of 7 For All Mankind stores will have dedicated viewing kiosks that include VR goggles and headphones, the company has partnered with Elle magazine to mail assemble-yourself DoDoCase cardboard viewers to select subscribers and customers.