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To enable smart and always-connected products, each product needs to have a unique identity on the Web. LiveTag provides a unique and persistent identity and data profile for a physical product on the Web, independent of how it connects to the Internet.

LiveTag IoT Framework

of things

LiveTag make it possible for applications to interact with physical products in the same way as other content resources on the Web. Accuracy and uniqueness of these digital identities is vital for each physical product to be discoverable on the Web.

LiveTag assigns a unique digital identity for products and things. The unique identifying marker could simply be a QR or bar code, or other forms of radio connectivity for electronic products. This unique identity is associated with a data profile which can be managed through an API. This makes the product uniquely addressable, always-accessible, manageable and smart.

LiveTag manages these identities and unique profiles associated with designated physical products – in a cloud platform, accessible anywhere.

LiveTag enable products to be interacted with by authorized applications using an Application Programming Interface (API). This helps the product to interact with applications from the Web.